Planning an event? Looking for a caterer?

We specialise in all types of organised catering

When you come to our family, you come for what you love – food .
When you want it, the way you want it.
Or else.

The time has come for The Kitchen Mafia to usher you into your golden age. At The Kitchen Mafia, our chefs and bakers do what they need to do. They use the freshest ingredients, combined with exceptional flavours, to create tastes that will excite all your senses. Look forward to a truly sensual experience, designed so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy it. It’s all for your own good health.

Our Services

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Cakes and confectionery

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Corporate daily catering

The Kitchen Mafia offers delicious and healthy daily corporate lunch meals, delivered directly to your office.
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We pride ourselves on being your one stop supplier for all of your events.
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Braais and spit braai

Our family lives for the greatest South African mouth-watering tradition: braais.
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Buffet dining

We offer set buffet menus; a ‘create your own’ menu, as well as budget friendly options.
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Film shoots

The Kitchen Mafia can handle all your film shoot catering needs required to make your crew happy.
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Fine dining

You having a big do? Your time is precious and we have the team to wine and dine you.
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Floating canapés and bowl food

Blow up the party! Experience the new age style of cocktail dining.
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Team building

Nothing bonds family like shared experiences, and we’ve got an experience that’ll blow your mind.
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The Kitchen Mafia creates goody-covered platters to meet your every need.
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Snack hampers

Check out our new way of providing delicious and exciting pre-packed meals, snacks or treats to your scattered teams.
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Sensory Experience

Nothing bonds family like shared experiences, and we’ve got an experience that’ll blow your mind.
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Whatever you decide on, we’ll ensure you arrive at a feast of appetizing concoctions and wafting aromas… and the experience of feeling your taste buds about to be tantalized and satisfied. Business meetings and personal events can become lavish and impressive affairs that will help create a warm and connected atmosphere, and be the envy of others.

We’ll take care of it

From yumalicious pre-packed meals, heavenly hampers and hors d'oeuvres, to captivating corporate daily lunches and sensational food platters on stylish wooden boards.

We take our food seriously

We cover everything from luscious buffets to mouth-watering braais and spit braais; catering for phenomenal team building experiences; mouth-singing floating canapes and bowl food; fine dining and truly elegant affairs... and our specialised cake and dessert team showcases the stuff dreams are made of.

Take it to the next level

We’ve got our good people, skilled people, our top performers who offer enchanting end-to-end event management. We will take care of all your needs.