Braais & Spit braais


Our family lives for the greatest South African mouth-watering tradition: braais. The scent of marinated yummies sizzling on the fire, floating like flames over crackling wood, past the tantalisingly fresh food with a twist, pap, potatoes, breads, salads, snacks and icy drinks under the hot sun… 

Talk to us – we’ll help you organize a corporate function, birthday braai or delicious outdoor fun for your family and associates, make it easy for you. From arrival snacks to dessert, The Kitchen Mafia will make your braai / spit braai something that will fire up your taste buds and you’ll come back again and again, like you’re addicted… hey, we tell it like it is. 

Do yourself a favour and contact us directly to receive all our braai and spit braai menu options that will help you to make your traditional braai a convenient, efficient, effortless, addictive and memorable affair…

Braai buffet


  • Sticky apricot chutney chicken & red onion skewers
  • Smoked paprika marinated beef rump steaks
  • Lamb chops marinated in rosemary and mixed flavoured salt
  • Tradition pap topped with tomato gravy
  • Filled bread with garlic butter

Cold side 

  • Strawberry, paw paw & feta salad with a sweet dressing
  • Sliced ripe tomato, mozzarella & fresh basil salad with crushed pink peppercorns, Maldon salt & a drizzle of extra olive oil
  • Crunchy cabbage salad topped with caramelized nuts and sesame seeds


  • Malva pudding & custard 
  • Peppermint crisp pudding

On the Spit Braai 

  •  Whole lamb on the spit
  • Sticky BBQ Chicken pieces 


  • Deboned lamb Leg 
  •  A- grade beef matured rump 

Hot and cold mains

  • French loaf filled with basil pesto butter
  • Layered pap & sauce bake 
  • Cauliflower & broccoli bake with melted cheese & oregano 
  • Greek salad with rocket & smoked olives 
  • Chilli sauce & other assorted sauces


  • Sticky toffee pudding 
  • Decadent pecan & chocolate brownies 

Family takes care of family. We’ll take care of you!