Corporate Lunches

Daily Meals

The Kitchen Mafia offers delicious & healthy daily corporate lunch meals, delivered directly to your office.

Family takes care of family. Let your colleagues know you value them with delicious daily meals.

Meals are packed individually, from salads to sandwiches, pasta, variety of cuisines, different dietary requirements  & so much more.

The Kitchen Mafia takes the stress of catering away from your company and ensures every mouthful is a satisfying experience.

Take a hint from us and ADD VALUE to your team:

** Retain and attract key talent. **

** Eating health = less absence. **

** Re-energise your team, and improve productivity. **

** Staff get to sit together and enjoy a healthy, delicious lunch, providing them with an opportunity to connect and share ideas. **

** Providing staff with a convenient lunch reduces the amount of time they are away from their desks, increasing staff productivity after lunch. **

** For any employee that earns more than R13500 (Cost To Company), providing them with a lunch costs less than the loss of productivity if they leave the office for lunch. **


You’ll get healthy, productive teams who stay close to command control

Need more info? Contact us. Our family can help your family stay closer together and support your bottom line at the same time.

Email us for menu examples & how it works.

Family takes care of family. We’ll take care of you!

Family takes care of family. We’ll take care of you!