Sensory Experience!

The Kitchen Mafia Sensory experience is a culinary adventure that goes beyond the realms of simply eating. 

It utilizes all your senses and then some: Taste, sight, smell, touch, sound, knowledge, experience and memory. We will guide you on a journey of a minimum of 40 different experiences. The All About Food experience takes between 3½ and 5 hours, depending on choices and breaks taken. 

Many small dishes are presented one after another, embodying texture, temperature, scent, taste and visual presence. This is a platform from which we can present the fusion of dishes and senses that will create memories, fun and experiences that’ll carry you far beyond taste. This includes making your own food, picking fresh herbs, tasting different food products, blind folded tasting, massage and other fun experiences with products developed by Shaun Woolf, food technologist and chemist. 

We are inspired by the idea of people’s involvement, excitement and curiosity that which has childlikeness, when food, scents, tastes and sounds are experienced on a different level for the first time. 

This experience with food, through the use of tastes and aromas, triggers memories and brings a new dimension to the way we think about food. It also enhances scents and tastes that add to their culinary repertoire. One gets to explore which tastes work together, what combinations of food participants enjoy, what herbs to buy & cook etc.

Family takes care of family. We’ll take care of you!